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3 Reel Slots

3 reel slots are really the most traditional of all the slot machines available in slots casinos today. When slots first came into being over 100 years ago, they consisted of 3 barrels or wheels with symbols on them that would spin when activated. A random set of symbols would be formed by those reels spinning and it was that combination of symbols that would determine whether the player was a winner or not. This basic concept of 3 reel slots has changed little since then.

However, whilst the principle has remained largely the same, the appearance and media of the game has changed considerably as has the slots world. Probably the most common place to find 3 reel slots is in the UK and specifically the pubs of the UK. This isn’t because they have more of these slot machines than, let’s say, a Las Vegas Casino, but rather because here the 3 reel slots, or fruit machines have become such a standard fixture that a pub without a fruit machine is like a pub without beer.

It is however, of course online that is the largest domain within the slots world, and here you will find hundreds of different types of 3 reel slots. All online slots casino will provide slots, and most casinos will make half of their revenue just from the online slots. These online slots are really no different to the original mechanical slots, or the fruit machines found in the UK, except for that they are run entirely electronically and appear completely virtually. In online casinos you will find literally hundreds of 3 reel slots to choose from, and favourites will appear from amongst them. Most slots players have come to recognise particular slots software providers as suiting their needs. The truth is that for the most part the quality amongst the games on offer are more or less at the same level when one is comparing the really top slots software providers, but there will be particular features that will attract you to one over the other. For example Playtech Slots do not have the largest array of slots, but their slots next to never experience any technical problems, they run very fast, and all with phenomenal graphics; additionally, Playtech slots have up to 50 payline games. Vegas Technology slots, previously known as Odds On, has its roots in secure funding and internet security, so many choose Vegas Technology slots casinos because of the safety that comes with the name and the quickly developing software that they update regularly, whilst providing approachable and attractive sites. Microgaming Slots are the most numerous and the most famous. Microgaming slots have over the last 12 years led the way in terms of innovation and development of games and security. Each of these different slots software providers offer different 3 reel slots experiences; equally good, equally trustworthy, just different.


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