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Online Slots FAQ

Below are some common asked question in addition to answers we've provided here at Slot Sort:

Is online slots play safe?

This is the most common question asked of online slots faq sites, and so it should be. Of all slots questions, ones pertaining to safety and security should always be the first, and should always be answered fully and satisfactorily. The basic answer to if online slot play is safe is, yes. The online slots industry has licensers, watchdogs, regulations, and laws – there is no reason why your online slots games should not be completely safe, however, to make sure that the site you are playing on conforms to safety standards you should always check for a license.

How does online slots play work?

Online slots play is done through an online slots casino. You go to the online slots casino site and you can either opt for flash free online slots play, or you can sign up, open a real money account, and download the software. With the first option, you will be playing online slots in no time, because you simply go to the games lobby and click on the game you want to play on. It is sound slots advice to do this at least to begin with – thus you can see all the practical slots information you should know. If the site is to your approval you should continue to sign up, download, and open a real money account. Once you have done this you will be given slots information regarding the full range of games on offer, and having deposited money into your account you simply choose the game you want to play on and click on it.

What is flash slots play?

Flash slots are one option that an online slots casino might give you. Most online slots casinos offer you the option of flash slots of download slots. These options refer to the method in which you access the game. Flash slots enable you to play the online slots games from the site rather than your computer, meaning that you won't have to download any of the software onto your hard drive.

What is play money?

Most online slots casino will offer you the option of playing for real money or play money. It is sound slots advice to start off with play money before you progress onto real money. Play money in online slots games enables you to familiarise yourself with the games and the site's operation without costing you a penny. For the most part, play money online slots games don't reward with real prizes, but that's okay because the experience is enough of a prize.

What's the best online slots strategy?

Whilst online slots play is immensely fun, most people want to know how they can win; and so they should. Online slots strategy is what separates the ammeters from the pros, and is one of the most common slots questions. The truth is that when it comes to online slots strategy, it's all to do with money management. What the pros know that the amateurs don't is that the longer you play, the more you can win, and the longer your money lasts the longer you can play. Therefore, the best online slots strategy is to learn how to make your money last.  


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