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Online Slots vs. Offline Slots

The differences between online slots and offline slots are many but not huge, and so making the transition from the online casino to the land based slots casino and vice versa, be it physically or just in understanding, will not be a hard one.

Basically, the principle of online slots is exactly the same as offline slots – a number of reels produce a random result; if the random result is a winning one a payout is made. However the practicalities of play can be a little different.

In a bricks and mortar slots casino you will find a lot of different slot machines, but those slot machines will pale in significance when compared to the amount of diversity you find in an online slots casino. The simple fact is that, online slots is the largest growing sector of the gaming industry and so there are literally new games being added to online casinos slots casino sites every single week. Not only this, but because the sites aren't restricted by the physical machine, the online slots casino sites can change the slot games they offer far more regularly.

Another feature of the online slots that is different to the offline slots is simply the use of technology. First of all you will never find a clogged machine in an online slots room; equally you will never have to stand in an online slots room waiting for an attendant to pay you out on a big win, to reset the machine, or to mark down your score in a tournament. Everything that needs to happen happens automatically in an online slots casino, and it happens in the blink of an eye. In addition, you will find features with online slots that would be simply impossible with offline slots. For example if you have an online slots account with credit, you can play auto-spin; this technology feature allows for spins to be constantly made on your behalf, using your online slots account credit, even when you're not there!

Following on from the online slots account theme, there are of course very physical differences between online slots and offline slots. For starters with an online slots account you won't ever find yourself having to run for change or having to carry a heavy bucket. You will be able to play online slots day or night for any denomination, or amount you wish, and all from the comfort and privacy of your living room. The flip side of this of course is that online slots are considered by many to be a little "too easy", and people miss the excitement of going to and being in a physical slots casino room. From this perspective of experience, online slots and offline slots are in fact two completely different entities.

Last but not least – the likelihood of winning. A blanket rule is difficult to come up with as slots payouts can vary quite substantially between slots casino halls and online slots casino sites; however, because there are far fewer overheads, most people agree that online slots do have a better payout percentage than most offline slots casinos. 

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