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Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are fairly new to the casino world, but in the online casino world they have become the most popular of all the games. The reason for people's attraction to progressive slot machines is very simple – the progressive slots jackpots are huge! There are few games that will have jackpots that could really change your life, but this is exactly what a progressive jackpot would do.

Progressive slots games appear as regular slots do, but don't work in the same way at all. With progressive slot machines the machine that you are playing on exists in a network of a number of machines linked together. In an online casino that number will be the number of people able to play on that particular game in all of the casinos that offer that game put together, so literally hundreds if not thousands. When you put money into one of these progressive slot machines a small percentage of that money gets paid into a separate prize-pool – this is the progressive jackpot. Progressive slots play continues as normal, but with each coin put into a progressive slot game, the progressive jackpot grows. As money is being deducted from the regular progressive slots play to make up the progressive jackpot, it must be noted that the regular progressive slots payout is often less than that of non-progressive games, but this is off balanced of course by the possibility of winning the life-changing sum of the progressive jackpot. An additional important piece of information to know when playing on progressive slot machines is that usually unless you play the coin maximum, you will not be eligible for winning the jackpot – thus you'd be contributing to it but have no chance of taking the progressive jackpot, and would be subject to the lower progressive slots payout for no good reason.

So, now you know what progressive slot machines are, it's times to consider which one's to play – after all, if you are going to be playing full coins in the hope of a life-changing win, it's worth playing on the best. 3 online progressive slots providers stand out particularly, and are all worth considering; Playtech, Microgaming, and Vegas Technology.

Microgaming have always been the leaders of innovation in online casinos and in the area of progressive slots this is never more true. Picking one progressive slot game in particular from Microgaming's 15 is a tall order and frankly can't be done on the basis of quality as they are all great. Some of the most popular however are the 3 reel 3 payline Major Millions, 3 reel 5 payline Lotsaloot, and the 3 reel 1 payline Cash Splash. Microgaming progressive slots games cover a good range of maximum coins and good denomination options, with spins to be found for less than a dollar, going up to several dollars.

Playtech also has a number of fabulous progressive slots and again it's difficult to choose between them. If one had to however one may choose the 5 pay line Cinerama, which has a jackpot of usually a couple of hundred thousand, but is most attractive because it has a maximum play of only 25c making it the cheapest online progressive slot game available.

Last but not least Vegas Technology offers 5 3 reel 1 payline progressive slots games; Mega Money Mine, Red White & Win, Pay Dirt, Treasure Trail, and Win Place or Show. Win Place or Show is great fun with a horse racing theme, 3 coin max,  50c bet, and tends to have a jackpot around the $20,000 - $30,000 mark.

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