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Video Slots

You would be absolutely forgiven if you find the array of slot machines on offer online to be a little confusing – you would not be the first to be confused and you certainly won't be the last. Video slots are a huge sector of the online slots industry, and account for a large percentage of the slots game play on any one site; but what are video slot machines?

All online slots are technically video slots because they have a video screen – they are virtual slots. However, the term video slots actually refers to a very specific sector of the online slots you will find. Video slots will usually have 9 or more paylines which enables you to wager on essentially 9 spins or more at a time. Reel slots most often consist of much less than 9 lines. Additionally, video slots will often have more bonus games and often will allow more time for each spin than reel slots games, thus playing on video slot machines can be less credit consuming than other virtual slot machines. However, whilst the regularity of the spin on video slots is slightly less than that of other slot machines, the amount of money that you can wager on each spin is considerably higher. Most video slot machines now accept up to 5 coins per spin, which basically means 5 per payline. This means that on a 9 payline machine you have a maximum coin amount of 45 coins.

Video slots are made by all of the big slots gaming software companies. Of the slots gaming software, there are three who are particularly worth mentioning when discussing video slots; Microgaming, Playtech, and Vegas Technology.

Microgaming has been in business since 1994 making it the longest running online slots games software provider; in that time they have put together a portfolio of hundreds of virtual slot machines, and over 100  video slots games. 5 of their most popular games are "Hitman", "Mega Moolah", "Tomb Raider", "Isis" and "Thunderstruck". Microgaming in general is considered to be the giant of online slots as well as other online gaming technology. Their Viper platform is award winning, and they have continuously pushed the boundaries of quality and service. 

Playtech have been around for the best part of a decade, and during that time has build up a strong reputation for quality of software, diversity in appeal, and attractiveness in play. Playtech have probably the most unusual array of games available, and one instinctively recognizes a Playtech slot machine because of its extraordinarily grabbing graphics and excellent speed of play. The number of bonus levels available through Playtech video slots, the great amount of winning combos, and the diversity in payline options all help to set Playtech apart. Particularly recommended from the Playtech video slot games are the 20 line 5 reel "A Night Out", the 9 line 5 reel "Captains Treasure", and the 5 reel 5 line "Wall Street Fever".

Vegas Technology aren't as well known as the other two, but that's only because of a name change. Originally, Odds On, some of the most popular and well known online gaming sites use Vegas Technology software. Most of the Odds On technology was retained but some additions were made which won it the "Best New Casino Software" award in 2005. Known for their payline options, freespins, and bonuses, particularly worth checking out amongst Vegas Technology video slots is "Cleopatra's Pyramid". 


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